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Bali State of Mind

2019 will be remembered at Toogether as the year we landed in Asia. Our first time ever in the rising sun land has been definitely amazing and probably the best adventure we lived as a team by far.

It all started on April 7th when we began working at Socialista Lifestyle Hostel. Early in the morning, half team (Jacopo, Luciano, Lorenzo, Samantha and two of the three models, Lourdes and Carmen) met the Socialista’s staff and started to shoot inside and outside the super cool bed dorms of this brand new hostel in the heart of Seminyak.
There’s a writing on the pool bottom that says: let’s get wet. So guess what we did…? 😉

The team assembled full already in the day 2, when we shooted video and photos at the stunning lofts of Balissimo. These charming homes in Canggu made us feel surrounded by luxury and fancy, so our ladies did a great job posing with their infinite charme and beauty.

Day 3, finally some excursions: our new friend Joni at Balicatt, guided us through some beautiful indu temples inside Ubud, at Tegenungan Waterfalls and into one of the most famous place in Bali, or maybe in Asia: the Ubud Rice Terraces, where our ladies dressed their best clothes and shooted some classic pictures riding the Instagram’s famous swings.

Day 4. Back at Socialista and Balissimo suites, for another ordinary day of shootings and video recordings.

Day 5 has definitely been the best one. We literally discovered heaven on Earth: Nusa Penida. Besides a long and tiresome round trip, due to the boat connection and the dirt and bumpy roads inside this island. But it was worth it as soon as we get off the bus. In front of us, what in my opinion is one of the best natural place on this planet: Klingking Beach. Lorenzo’s drone recordings has been epic, such as Diego’s personal safari close to a wild monkeys family.

Day 6 has been the beaches day. Joni drove us at some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Crystal Beach and Tegal Wangi above all. This last one has unfortunately been scene of a misfortune for our video maker Lorenzo, who if on one side has been a hero saving one of our ladies falling from the rocks, on the other one, he broke into the sea water his 4k euros camera. Yes, in the middle of a travel videos production… It’s all reported by our Roberta in the video below 😅

Day 7 the last day, the must day. Always driven by our trusty Joni at Balicatt, we discovered other must see places in Bali: Ulun Danu Temple, and the Handara Gate, in the northern Bali.
We planned and we wanted to make some stunning drones shootings, but unluckily weather was not by our side: as soon as we started shooting at this iconic Bali’s spot, it started pouring rain. A failure?? Of course not: see yourselves the stunning Carmen’s scenes under the rain in front of the temple, in the video below!