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Jacopo, Luca, Samantha and Lorenzo are today on their way to one of the most popular #travel locations of the moment: Cappadocia. Here, we will have the pleasure and the honor of collaborating with Kelebek Hotel, Seki Cave Hotel, Artemis Hotel and Sultan Cave Suites, top resorts in the area. These dream hotels and fantastic landscapes colored by hot air balloons, will be the sets of our new productions.

Egypt has a thousand-year history and Sharm el Sheikh with the Domina Coral Bay Resort represent the perfect combination of history, beauty, comfort and culture. A magical place that has become one of the most beautiful and sought after tourist destinations in the world. Domina Coral Bay is the ideal starting point to discover all that Egypt has to reveal and communicate. Toogether has made a journey through images that will make you fall in love.

Excursions are a way of approaching paradise in Zanzibar. One of the guides we met during our stay at the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort told us about it. To describe all the excursions you can do in Zanzibar it would take a book. You can visit the Stone Town, you can have lunch on a beach that emerges in the middle of the sea during the low tide, you can have dinner in the moonlight in front of the ocean. But most of all you can enjoy the natural beauties such as the Jozani Forest and the Dolphins Point. Intrigued? Try taking a look

The fortifications, the characteristic cafés of the old town, the beautiful cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, the National Park, the Gothic town hall, are just some of the beauties of the Estonian capital. In reality Tallin is beautiful to live. Estonia has recovered greatly from the dissolution of the former Soviet Union and has relaunched its propensity for tourism and westernization.

The Hotel Domina Zagarella Sicily is located in Santa Flavia, a small Sicilian town close to the sea. A small jewel that combines surprises and tradition, history and modernity. A short distance from Palermo, the Hotel Domina Zagarella Sicily offers all the most modern comforts combined with great attention to detail from the point of view of nature, landscape, both from a gastronomic point of view. Our work was a real pleasure. The images of these places have entered our hearts.

In Venice the Hotel is a fundamental choice. Domina offers its customers a double chance. Domina Hotel Giudecca and Domina Hotel Cà Zusto. Two facilities with which we have worked on several occasions. To explain the island of Giudecca it would take a film or a book by a great writer. For years it has been the refuge of Venetian nobility and aristocracy and the Hotel has all the characteristics of a luxury retreat, far from the chaos of the city and in addition preserves intact the charm of an unrepeatable era.

On top of things to do in St. Petersburg there is certainly a visit to the Hermitage Museum which boasts a collection of over three million pieces. In second place is Nevsky Prospekt, the immense road that crosses the city from East to West. The Fortress of St. Peter and Paul, the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the beautiful Winter Palace and the fascinating White Nights are just some of the must-see dates for those visiting the Russian city.

Novosibirsk offers attractions for all tastes. Certainly the most famous are related to naturalistic experiences. The Zoo is famous all over the world for the care with which animals are hosted and for the great variety of species present. Narymskiy Park is a splendor in every season of the year as well as Central Park. Great importance is given to art and culture. The State Academy of Ballet and Dance is famous all over the world. As well as the many theaters including the Krasny Fakel Theater. Not to mention the many museums and the Wonder Park Galileo.

The Ogliastra coast is known for the beauty of its sea and its beaches well defended by inlets and cliffs that create coves that are natural miracles. However, the beach is just a starting point. In the surroundings of Arbatax it is possible to admire natural, scenic and artistic beauties. In this area of Sardinia everything has remained unchanged for centuries. With rituals and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. The culture of the island is to be discovered.