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Cappadocia: the Fairy Tales Theater

Jacopo, Luca, Samantha and Lorenzo are today on their way to one of the most popular #travel locations of the moment: Cappadocia.

Here, we will have the pleasure and the honor of collaborating with Kelebek Hotel, Seki Cave Hotel, Artemis Hotel and Sultan Cave Suites, top resorts in the area.

These dream hotels and fantastic landscapes colored by hot air balloons, will be the sets of our new productions.

Product placement and sponsor: Bratleboro

Arrival at Göreme

The more we get closer to this magical place, the more we get stunned from the view.
The landscape is a mix of warm orange lights, and stunning vertical volcanic formations.

Their strange shape makes everything even more surreal, like we’re landed on the moon.
During the eras erosion created all this, and human being, carved caves to settle.
By the time we arrive to Kelebek, we immediately receive an extraordinary treatment.

The hotel director guides us through the delightful rooms of the resorts, in order to let us choose the ones we prefer.

Choice is very difficult. All the rooms are so cozy and charming.
Even if too late and the kitchen is already close, the staff of Kelebek’s restaurant arrange us a special dinner.

The night passes by, dining in front of the fireplace, planning the team work for the upcoming days.

Cappadocia: sleeping in a suite inside a vulcanic rock

Going to bed inside a volcanic cave, get us very excited. You are surrounded by curved walls of levigated solid magma.

The ceiling is so close, you could touch it just raising a hand.

It is so fascinating to realize that all the people here used to live in places like this, till few decades ago.

Shootings at Kelebek Hotel in Göreme

Day 1 and 2 pass by shooting the lovely suites of Kelebek and Seki hotel which are no doubts two of the best resorts in town.

At Kelebek, we have the chance to enjoy also its wonderful SPA, experiencing the Hammam and the traditional massage.

We use the evenings to shoot and film inside of Kelebek’s restaurant.

Finally at the very end of our Day 2, the good news finally arrived: Hot-air Balloons would have flight during Sunrise on Saturday and a flight for us would have been offered by Kelebek Hotel.

We were so excited that even if we went early to bed we could sleep just few hours.

The balloon ride on Cappadocia

It’s DAY 3 and we’re waking up at 6am for the hot air balloon ride.

A van pick us up in front of the reception and bring us to another place where we can have a fast breakfast before to go.

Once we arrive at the place, the scenario is really impressive. Hot-air balloons are hundreds, they are everywhere.

The sky is still dark, here and there we see fires of balloons lighting up the scene.

Our van stops and we jump into a balloon ready for take-off.

By the time the first lights come out we are already in the sky.

If Cappadocia had already delighted us, now is leaving us mouth open.

The pink sky is completely full-filled of colored balloons that from time to time are lighted up by the fire.

Under, spiers of volcanic rock formations are highlighted by the snow, that fell down the day before.

The sun show-up feeble on the horizon, filtered by a veil of fog, that diffuses evenly its light.

We couldn’t expect anything more enchanting than this.

Cappadocia is a perfect set and we are so excited to exploit its light and landscapes for our massive outdoor production.

Red Tour, discovering Cappadocia on the road.

Back to Kelebek hotel, we have a short breakfast and in 15 minutes we leave again for the Red tour.

First stop is an ancient abandoned cave village, literally carved on a rock montain. We immediately take the occasion for a drone flight over that.

Then, we continue to Devrent Valley. Here the rocks have very strange shapes, animal shapes mostly. We climb all the way up to the highest point and the view is beautiful. Our van driver will have to wait for us, due to the several amazing spots we found to shoot.

After this we arrive to Pasabag Valley, probably the most impressive naturalistic place. We immediately find ourselves on another planet. We walk through the so-called “fairy chimneys” rock formations, surrounded by the surreal landscape.

Last but definitely not least the Goreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO-listed site considered the gem of Cappadocia. Churches and monasteries carved into rock, frescoes from the 5th century and us, shooting in every single spot of this beauty.

Sultan Carpets, the charming of Middle East and its colors.

Our last day in Cappadocia started with the best dawn we could ever ask.

No cloud, soft but colored light and that sky full of hot-air balloons.

Some dogs are playing, we can hear their barks. We can see them running around us. We can even play and shoot with them.

We admired this spectacle of nature and humanity from Sunset Point. We have not mentioned this spot above, but we are not new to it.

This has been our favorite set for the blue hour during our whole stay.

Cappadocia: our team

  • 1 Video maker
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Content creator
  • 1 Project manager
  • Video Production
  • Photo Shooting
  • Aerial Images
  • Interactive Virtual Tour
  • 360° Videos
  • Cinemagraph / Living Photos
  • References

    Clients: Kelebek Hotel, Seki Caves Hotel, Artemis Hotel, Sultan Caves Suites, Turkaz Balloons
    Product Placement: Bratleboro
    Location: Göreme, Cappadocia – Turchia
    Category: Leisure & Travel