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mexico adventure


mexico adventure

Mexico Adventure: Toogether is looking for stunning Hotel & Resort in Mexico

Mexico Adventure: Toogether is moving on North America

Our content creator Luca will be traveling around Mexico for the production of a travel documentary movie on North America.

The adventure began on 27th January in Cancun, Mexico:

Luca will go down all Yucatan till Bacalar and then back up till Merida.

From Merida he will move to the Puerto Escondido area and from there he will be direct to Chapas.

After experiencing Chapas and its canyons, the trip will continue till Mexico City.

Finally he will be descending again till Guadalajara and from Puerto Vallarta he will take a boat to Cabo San Lucas.

mexico adventure

Take this chance, take this life, you’re right here.
(Luca Hurt)

Not only Mexico: Baja California coming soon

Rising up all Baja California Luca will then enter into USA and cross all the West Side and its National Parks. The last one will be Yellowstone and from there he will enter in Canada.

Banff and Vancouver will be the last to stops before getting back to USA in Seattle and flying back home to Milan.

We are looking for stunning Hotel & Resort in Mexico

For all Hotels & Resort in Mexico this Luca’s Adventure could be a good chance to get in touch with us and to know more about Toogether and our services

We are really looking forward to visit and meet you, giving you a preliminary consultancy on what we could do for your Hotel or Resort.

Let’s get in touch!

Mexico Adventure: what we do

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