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Living Photos / Cinemagraph

Catch the attention

Among the most creative and above all performing contents, but still unknown, are the Living Photos or Cinemagraph.

These are photographs in which a particular is in motion. They are published as animated GIFs or in other video formats and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

They are made by taking a video recording and, using specific photo and video editing software, a continuous loop of sequential frames is created. In this way a part of the subject (for example, the hair of a woman) is perceived as moving repeated or continued, in contrast to the immobility of the rest of the image.

Possible Uses

  • ADS Facebook
  • ADS Instagram
  • Post Facebook
  • Post Instagram
  • Stories Facebook
  • Stories Instagram
  • Web Design
  • Newsletter
  • DEM

What are the Cinemagraphs for?

Thanks to the function of video autoplay on the major Social (Facebook and Instagram on all), posts and Ads using living photos have a significantly greater impact than those with static images. In fact, on average, they generate up to 16 times more engagement and increase the conversion rate by about 20% more compared to traditional posts.

Watch the video to see some examples of how some international brands use living photos in their digital marketing campaigns.