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Sharm el Sheikh hotel

Sharm el Sheikh: impossible not to think about Domina Coral Bay

Sharm el Sheikh: Domina Coral Bay Hotel

Egypt has a thousand-year history and Sharm el Sheikh with the Domina Coral Bay Resort represent the perfect combination of history, beauty, comfort and culture. A magical place that has become one of the most beautiful and sought after tourist destinations in the world. Domina Coral Bay is the ideal starting point to discover all that Egypt has to reveal and communicate. Toogether has made a journey through images that will make you fall in love.

Sharm el Sheikh: Coral Bay is the gateway to paradise

From Domina Coral Bay you can leave for a series of excursions that define unique is little to say. In Jeep, by bus or even by camel you can reach magical places such as the Red Sea reserve or the Colored Canyon. Not forgetting Mount Sinai, the Luxor plain, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and much more.

Sharm el Sheikh hotel

The only real journey, the only bath of Giovinezza, would not be to go towards new landscapes, but to have different eyes.
(Marcel Proust)

Coral Bay: images that remain in the heart

Domina Coral Bay also has an exquisitely business aspect, but its strong point is the ability to offer a stay where relaxation, comfort and fun mix perfectly. Some numbers. Domina Coral Bay offers seven different hotels, eleven restaurants, almost two kilometers of beach, fun for the family and for those in search of excitement. Spa, Diving and Casinos complete the offer.

Sharm el Sheikh all inclusive: fun, nature and culture

The desert is of a dazzling beauty. Imagine a dinner immersed in the dunes and the starry sky. It’s something that goes beyond imagination and that’s why we decided to make a video that can help you understand what kind of emotion it is. It’s the desert dinner show. It is not the only emotion you will experience, but you will surely remember it forever. Just like us.

Domina Coral Bay: our team

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Client: Coral Bay
Località: Sharm El Sheikh – Egitto

Category: Leisure
Website: https://www.dominacoralbay.com