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San Pietroburgo Hotel

St. Petersburg, for a holiday at the top

St. Petersburg: an unforgettable experience

In St. Petersburg the Domina Hotel has become, step by step, an institution of the Russian city. In an enviable position in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Within walking distance of unique places and priceless works of art. Hotel Domina offers its guests first-rate services, bars and restaurants with an international flavor. Admire them thanks to our videos.

St. Petersburg: what to see

On top of things to do in St. Petersburg there is certainly a visit to the Hermitage Museum which boasts a collection of over three million pieces. In second place is Nevsky Prospekt, the immense road that crosses the city from East to West. The Fortress of St. Peter and Paul, the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the beautiful Winter Palace and the fascinating White Nights are just some of the must-see dates for those visiting the Russian city.

San Pietroburgo Hotel

One who wants to travel happy must travel light.
(Antoine De Saint-Exupery)

St. Petersburg, climate and European atmospheres

St. Petersburg is a decidedly European city. You can appreciate it from the Hotel Domina that offers its guests the Rainbow Restaurant and the Nove Cocktail Bar. But it is the whole city that, while preserving the characteristics that over the centuries have made it a favorite destination for millions of tourists, has moved to cities such as Paris, Rome and London.

St. Petersburg is now a capital of world tourism

Excluding the period when it was the capital of the Russian Empire, the current one is surely the brightest period in the city. It is rare in the world to find such a mix of night-time entertainment, clubs, art, music, wellness and food and wine delicacies. Some numbers:

  • 221 museums
  • 80 theaters
  • 45 art galleries
  • 62 cinemas
  • oltre 100 cultural festivals that alternate during the course of the year.

The historic center of the city has been UNESCO heritage for almost thirty years. St. Petersburg must be visited at least once in life.

Hotel Domina St. Petersburg: our team

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  • 1 Art director
  • 1 Production manager
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Videomaker
  • 2 Drone pilots
  • 1 Graphic designer
  • 1 Web master
  • 1 Content creator
  • 6 Models


Client: Domina Russia
Location: St. Petersburg – Russia
Hotel / Resort: Domina St. Petersburg
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