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Venezia Hotel

Venice: Hotel Cà Zusto and Giudecca, Domina for two

Venice: evocative and unforgettable hotels

In Venice the Hotel is a fundamental choice. Domina offers its customers a double chance. Domina Hotel Giudecca and Domina Hotel Cà Zusto. Two facilities with which we have worked on several occasions. To explain the island of Giudecca it would take a film or a book by a great writer. For years it has been the refuge of Venetian nobility and aristocracy and the Hotel has all the characteristics of a luxury retreat, far from the chaos of the city and in addition preserves intact the charm of an unrepeatable era.

Venice: History is in Cà Zusto

If you want to experience the atmosphere of the city of Venice up close, Domina Hotel Cà Zusto is ideal. Located in a fourteenth century palace, it preserves the history and art of the Serenissima. The period of greatest splendor of the Republic of Venice. A city that is legend and that has marked the history of humanity. To visit Venice means to immerse yourself in the history of Europe and to walk where legendary characters have left their footsteps. Venice is unique.

Venezia Hotel

A good traveler has no specific plans and his purpose is not to arrive.
(Lao Tse)

Venice: what to see

Making a list of things to see in Venice would be long and fatally incomplete. There is so much, too much stuff to see and experience. The gondola ride is a classic that you can not fail to mention. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most beautiful museums in the world and must be visited. The Venice Biennale is a must. Less known and more intriguing is the “La Bauta” mask shop. Without forgetting the fascinating high water library. Words are not enough to describe it. In short, Venice must be lived or at least imagined through our photos and videos.

Venice: the map of a dream

Drawing the Venice map is something that everyone can do. Seizing the moments, the alleys, the streets is an exercise that requires a special hand. Our virtual tour is the best thing after a real walk on the Bridge of Sighs or the Rialto Bridge. It is almost as magical as Piazza San Marco or the Grand Canal. Unmissable for those who want to find out what awaits you on the Giudecca Island or Punta della Dogana. Immerse yourself in the magic of Venice.

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    Client: Domina
    Location: Venezia – Italia
    Hotel / Resort: Domina Cà Zusto Venezia e Domina Giudecca Venezia
    Category: Leisure
    Domina Giudecca Website: http://domina.it/destination/domina-venezia-giudecca
    Domina Cà Zusto Website: http://domina.it/destination/venezia-ca-zusto