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Zanzibar escursioni

Zanzibar: excursions to paradise

Zanzibar: excursions, safaris and unforgettable images

Excursions are a way of approaching paradise in Zanzibar. One of the guides we met during our stay at the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort told us about it. To describe all the excursions you can do in Zanzibar it would take a book. You can visit the Stone Town, you can have lunch on a beach that emerges in the middle of the sea during the low tide, you can have dinner in the moonlight in front of the ocean. But most of all you can enjoy the natural beauties such as the Jozani Forest and the Dolphins Point. Intrigued? Try taking a look at the video we made.

In Zanzibar holidays means safari

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania which is absolutely the land of the Safari. The Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort has chosen an exceptional partner to allow its customers to enjoy the best safaris in the world. The Luxory Short Safari is a group that has always organized safaris both land and sea for a sophisticated clientele that prefers contact with nature in full respect of habitat and animals. A further service that completes an offer that steals the heart and the eyes of visitors.

Zanzibar escursioni

People don’t make travels. Travels make people.
(John Ernst Steinbeck)

Are you looking for a Hotel in Zanzibar? Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is much more

What have we done to further enhance these wonders? We have set up a strategy of ADV and digital communication that shows the reality of the facts and highlights the many services offered by the Resort to complete the visitor experience. Naturalistic oasis, technological comfort, wellness treatments, ethnic and international cuisine. Honeymoon Villa and beach weddings. Of every single aspect we have finished the details and communicated the message.

In Zanzibar the images speak more than a thousand words

Just visit our client’s Instagram account to see what we have highlighted and enhanced with our work. It was hard work, beautiful, stimulating and rewarding. We employed a team of first level professionals and carried out various and meticulous activities at the same time.


Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort: our team

  • 1 Project manager
  • 1 Art director
  • 1 Responsabile di produzione
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Videomaker
  • 2 Piloti droni (in loco)
  • 1 Virtual maker
  • 1 Graphic designer
  • 1 Web master
  • 1 Content creator
  • 7 Models/influencer


Client: Fruit & Spice Wellness resort
Location: Zanzibar – Tanzania
Hotel / Resort: Fruit & Spice Wellness resort
Category: Leisure
Website: https://www.fruitandspiceresort.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fruit.spice.zanzibar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fruitandspice_zanzibar
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChmeDOEJSwTzzxwPUkBMI6w